Grotowski in Iran

Grotowski in Iran

By Masoud Najafi Ardabili



Jerzy Grotowski and the (S0(BLaboratory Theatre(S1(B presented his famous performance (S0(BThe Constant Prince(S1(B to Iranian audiences in 1970 during the Shiraz Art Festival and in Teheran. Jerzy Grotowski travelled to Iran four times and his fifth journey, which was supposed to include (S0(BApocalypsis Cum Figuris(S1(B as well as (S0(BDesert Project(S1(B had been thoroughly planned but never happened. Although Grotowski had not talked too much about his travels to Iran, his influence on Iranian artists during three generations is quite obvious. The author gathered many documents and conducted interviews for this in-depth study pursuing the fundamental questions of his research: How was Grotowski's work received in Iran and in what way did he influence theatre artists in Iran?

ISBN: 9783631772768


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