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Green Energy

Green Energy

By Emma Carlson Berne



Explore green energy-a power made from nature's renewable resources-in this "enjoyable, upbeat series" (Booklist ). Did you know that you can light a house using the power of the sun and the wind? Or that rotting garbage can be used to make energy? Discover how energy is EVERYWHERE, and uncover how clean energy can be harnessed to save the environment! Ignite your scientific mind with fun facts, activities, and experiments. Try this: Crumple a piece of paper and put it in front of you, then use only your breath to move it. That's wind energy! How far can you get it to travel with this energy source? This STEM-driven series helps beginning scientists and engineers grasp big scientific ideas with: Intriguing info to fill and thrill your brain. Hands-on activities to jumpstart your imagination. Great photos to help you get the bigger picture. New ideas sure to change the way you see the world. From Starry Forest Books, STEAM & MeT uses science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to feed curiosity and spark creativity. STEAM & MeT is all about you!

ISBN: 9781946260888


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