Granta 161: Sister, Brother

Granta 161: Sister, Brother

By Sigrid Rausing



Psychoanalysis famously privileges the vertical relationship between a child (the patient) and their parents over the seemingly equal and unproblematic horizontal connections between siblings. This issue of Granta tells a different story - one of chaotic hierarchies, a zerosum game of sibling competition alternating with tenderness; lifelong relationships that nevertheless can sometimes break. Featuring memoir by Sara Baume, Suzanne Br�gger (Tr. Saskia Vogel), Emma Cline, Omer Friedlander, Charlie Gilmour, Lauren Groff, Will Harris, Lauren John Joseph, Viktoria Lloyd-Barlow, Jamal Mahjoub, Andrew Miller, John Niven, Vanessa Onwuemezi, Karolina Ramqvist (Tr. Caroline Waight), Taiye Selasi, Angelique Stevens. With fiction by Colin Barrett and Ben Pester, a graphic short story by Lee Lai; poetry by Will Harris, K Patrick, and Natalie Shapero, and photoessays by Sebasti�n Bruno introduced by Sophie Mackintosh and Julian Slagman introduced by Alice Hattrick.

ISBN: 9781909889514


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