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Go Home!

Go Home!

By Rowan Hisayo Buchanan



Immigration and xenophobia will clearly continue as hot topics, and the book's very title should sound familiar for those following stories about racial discrimination. The collection explores immigration-specific current issues such as Islamophobia and border policing, as well as topics less common in literary immigrant narratives like queer identity, adoption, and interracial relationships. There are almost no literary anthologies of contemporary Asian diasporic writers featuring original content. About 75% of this collection is previously unpublished, and most previously published work has been in small literary or poetry journals with very limited distribution. Anthologies by similar writers are almost always textbooks; Go Home! is arranged like a literary collection also accessible for general trade readers. With the open call announced at AWP 2016, and between the contributors and the Asian American Writers' Workshop, the anthology is supported by many of the best-known or most active Asian-American and Asian-British figures in literature. Ranging from poet laureates to Twitter sensations, the featured writers command a wide audience to hear about the book directly.

ISBN: 9781936932016


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