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Global Perspectives on Interventions in Forensic Therapeutic

Global Perspectives on Interventions in Forensic Therapeutic

By Richard Shuker



* It explores the validity and effectiveness of secure settings as therapeutic communities (TCs). * Rooted in practice, this book examines the transferability of approaches within international TCs to other forensic settings. * It considers how the environment contributes to effectiveness. * The authors bring together leading clinicians from across the world to offer insight into the impact of gang membership on therapeutic process and the community. * How core creative therapies are integrated. * How the model is applied in international settings and across varied contexts. * Leading clinicians draw on rare reports and papers to explain the therapeutic community model while keeping the diverse contexts within which it is practiced in mind. * The book provides a much-needed global perspective on the diverse role TCs have across forensic services. * This ground-breaking book is valuable reading for forensic and clinical psychologists, counsellors, social workers, and psychiatrists working in secure prison or rehabilitation settings, as well as students in these fields.

ISBN: 9780367322397


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