Glenveagh Mystery

Glenveagh Mystery

By Lucy Costigan



Arthur Kingsley Porter (1883-1933) - renowned American, Harvard professor, and owner of Glenveagh Castle - vanished in 1933 from Ireland's Inishbofin Island, Co. Donegal. No trace of the professor was ever found. Over the decades, stories of Porter's disappearance turned into legend. A strong swimmer and always fond of the outdoors, was it likely that he had been drowned by misadventure? Was foul play involved? Perhaps Porter took off alone to pursue new adventures, since he possessed every asset that most mortals can only dream of. Or, was there a dark secret that led the enigmatic professor to jump from the rocks on that fateful morning? The truth about the secret inner world of Arthur Kingsley Porter has only recently been revealed. As a historical thriller set in Ireland, America, and Europe in the 1920s and 30s, Glenveagh Mystery: The Life, Work and Disappearance of Arthur Kingsley Porter conjures up the world of Irish cultural and rural life. It examines Porter's friendship with the literary figure AE and Irish society luminaries, and it celebrates the raw beauty of Ireland's Glenveagh and Donegal. Compellingly written, the book is a suspenseful and genuinely gripping piece of research about a Gatsby-like figure, guaranteed to have a unique appeal. "...has all the elements of a gothic mystery novel: a multimillionaire Harvard Professor, a castle on a desolate island, and a salacious family drama". Ola Topczewska, The Harvard Crimson, November 12, 2012

ISBN: 9781908928108


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