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Gandhi, the Peaceful Protester!

Gandhi, the Peaceful Protester!

By James Buckley



Mahatma Gandhi inspired a nation and generations of social reformers with his emphasis on kindness and nonviolence-discover how one man changed the lives of millions in this illustrated and kid-friendly biography. This biography of Mahatma Gandhi is presented in a graphic novel format, making it accessible and entertaining for readers across a range of age groups. After being named president of the Indian National Congress in 1921, Gandhi was instrumental in gaining India's independence from Great Britain by using nonviolent resistance-and in the process he inspired generations of civil rights leaders with his example. Gandhi: The Peaceful Protester!  recounts this humble leader's story, from his youth in western India through his years as a lawyer and political activist who practiced kindness and empathy toward everyone.

ISBN: 9781645174097


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