Fugue and Strike

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Fugue and Strike

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Author: Joe Hall


ISBN: 9781939568670

Date: 18th May, 2023

Publisher: BLACK OCEAN

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  2. Poetry


These are poems that rock you like a tilt-a-whirl, off-kilter and non-stop. In this collection of poems by Joe Hall, you might find yourself laid off at a cannabis grow or vomiting gold. You might find yourself screaming in your underwear at the tech bro in the derelict arcade in your head. You might find your despair here or a gentle sign of change. Many of the poems here unearth histories in which people refuse the systems that designate them waste or wastable in hyper-compacted blocks of poetry and prose. Defiant, funny, and gentle, this book braids the panic-inducing catastrophes of now with a long view of solidarity in struggle.

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