From Dingle With Love

From Dingle With Love

By Michael Saint



Paddy Doyle is an extraordinary man. Born during a terrifying storm that isolates his home (Milford Farm in the Irish Republic) from the outside world, the priest who delivers him plays a crucial role in Paddy's upbringing and mentors his affinity with the sea. When, at the age of 21, he leaves the safety of Ford Farm to work in the UK's construction industry, Paddy's life is never the same again. He saves his supervisor from a potentially fatal accident, crosses swords with his employer and drifts from one company to another, before Shaun Cullerton, MD of Eureka Construction offers him a job that shapes the rest of his life. From the discovery of a half brother, a sexual proposal from a wealthy (and insistent) widow, an old flame who desperately needs his help, to a company takeover, a torrid affair with the new boss's vivacious wife, another new love interest, karma and regret, ghostly experiences, assassination attempts, a kidnapping and a chilling situation on Paddy's wedding day, this is a racy, steely read, bursting with twists and turns that will stay with you a long time after reading. Contemporary fiction at its most thrilling, exciting, dangerous and captivating, From Dingle With Love is a multi-genre novel that will have you gripped from the prologue.

ISBN: 9781398482166


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