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Fighting Monsters

Fighting Monsters

By Matthews Jim



Former British soldier Jim Matthews hit the headlines when he was arrested on terrorism charges - for fighting against ISIS. Jim gave up a lucrative career teaching English in Saudi Arabia, and headed to Northern Syria to fight ISIS. But why, after years as a left-leaning, anti-war protestor, did he find himself pulled once more into a conflict zone? Did he miss war? What is the reality for those fighting ISIS in their own country, and for those like Jim who join that fight? This book attempts to explain, in his words, what it's like there... An intelligent and evocative memoir, Fighting Monsters explores the reasons for one man's war, while bringing to life the twisted roads, broken border towns and dusty battlefields of Syria and Iraq. Ideal for fans of Jason Fox's Battle Scars and Ant Middleton's First Man In .

ISBN: 9781907324161


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