Fight For Your Life TPB

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Fight For Your Life TPB

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Author: Amir Khan

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 9781529907698

Date: 14th September, 2023

Publisher: CENTURY

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  2. Boxing
  3. Memoirs
  4. Biography: General


***THE MUST-READ AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF ONE OF THE GREATEST BRITISH BOXERS EVER - LAUGH-OUT-LOUD FUNNY, INSPIRATIONAL AND BRUTALLY HONEST*** 'It's a fascinating read' - Chris Moyles 'I cannot recommend it enough - I absolutely tore through this. Fight For Your Life is not a normal Sports autobiography - it is much more than just that - it is very personal and very open and honest' - TalkSPORT 'An absolutely amazing book' - Alison Hammond, ITV This Morning 'Some people are born to be sports stars. I wasn't one of them. I was born to be . . . actually what was I born to be? Probably, like most Asian kids growing up in the late Nineties, a doctor, or a teacher. At a push I might have been a cricketer. A boxer? Come off it! No Asian lad did that sort of thing. Hanging up my gloves has given me the opportunity to reflect not just on my career but on who I am and the kind of person I want to be. Whoever that is, I just hope they get a few less slaps to the face! Boxing has only ever been part of the storyline. Whether it be winning an Olympic medal at 17, death threats from Al-Qaeda, gunpoint robbery, family fallouts, marriage to a New York socialite, three kids, a reality show, a money pit wedding hall, or walking through a flood and earthquake devastated Pakistan, I'm struggling to think of a quiet day. That means a lot of lessons hard-learned - and here, in my autobiography, you'll notice that I try to pass a few on here. I've become a teacher after all!'

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