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End Of Us TPB

End Of Us TPB

By Kiernan Olivia



The spectacular new standalone thriller from the author of the critically acclaimed Frankie Sheehan novels It all started to go wrong the day the Wrights moved in next door Myles and Lana Butler live on a gorgeous new development in Wimbledon, leaning on a mortgage that is just within reach. When one of Myles' investments fails they are bound to lose everything. Gabriel and Holly Wright have just moved in next door. The Wrights are sophisticated, ambitious and apparently very wealthy. At an after-dinner drink with their new neighbours, Myles and Lana share their worries and a solution is suggested between the couples. Life Insurance fraud. For a cut of the pay out, the Wrights would help them. No one thought they were being serious. No one agreed they'd actually go through with it. And no one mentioned it would involve murder. Then, one night, Lana doesn't come home. Praise for The End of Us 'W itty, dark, unpredictable, well-written and with great insight into the darker side of human nature. A book to be devoured in one sitting' Karen Hamilton 'It reminded me of Hitchcock at his best. Tense, twisty, dark and so unpredictable. My favourite Olivia Kiernan book yet!' Claire Douglas 'The End Of Us is that rare book - beautifully written and impossible to put down. A dark, complex and nuanced thriller' Fiona Cummins 'I loved it - easily Kiernan's best yet' Cara Hunter

ISBN: 9781529422016


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