Elizabeth Croning Irish Traditional Singer The Complete Song

Elizabeth Croning Irish Traditional Singer The Complete Song

By Dáibhí Ó Cróinín


Elizabeth (Bess) Cronin, 'The Queen of Irish Song', as Séamus Ennis called her, is probably the best-known Irish female traditional singer of our time. Her reputation was such that collectors came from far and near to hear and record her singing. This publication offers the complete Bess Cronin collection (in Irish and English) with texts of all the songs, and a biographical essay. The author, a grandson of Bess Cronin, brings to this publication a unique range of qualifications: access to Bess Cronin's own autograph songlists; transcriptions of her songs made by his uncle, Seán Ua Cróinìn; notes and comments by Bess Cronin recorded by the author's father, Donncha Ó Cróinìn; and photographic material not previously seen. This personal family material is combined with unique access to the BBC, IFC, and private American recorded material to offer a comprehensive account of an extraordinary singer and her distinctive singing style.

ISBN: 9781846828690


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