Dublin Folk Tales For Children

Dublin Folk Tales For Children

By Órla McGovern



DO you know what Áine's tiny spoon was used for? What was hiding up Mrs O'Flaherty's chimney? How did the fairy man help the tailor's apprentice? Who was the little flower of Castleknock Castle? What looks just like the skin of a rainbow? You'll find all the answers and loads more useful stuff inside this book. Dublin Folk Tales for Children is full of imagination, with stories specially selected for the enjoyment of 7- to 11-year-old readers. These tales are reshaped and created by writer and storyteller Órla Mc Govern, and illustrated by Gala Tomasso. They are made to be read, told, and passed on. Inside you'll find tales like 'Filou, Filou', 'G'wan Oura Dat' and 'The Two Trees', and each dances off the page with magic and adventure.

ISBN: 9780750984232


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