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Deuteronomy in the Pentateuch, Hexateuch, and the Deuteronom

Deuteronomy in the Pentateuch, Hexateuch, and the Deuteronom

By Raymond F. Person



The earlier consensus concerning the Pentateuch and the Deuteronomistic History has been significantly challenged in recent scholarship. Because of its canonical placement, the book of Deuteronomy plays an important role in these discussions. The earlier consensus was that the D source in the Pentateuch was primarily (if not only) found in Deuteronomy and that Deuteronomy was the founding source for the Deuteronomistic History. Recently, however, some scholars are once again talking about the D source in books before and after Deuteronomy, while others are questioning the centrality of the D source for the formation of the so-called Deuteronomistic History. This volume brings together various voices in these recent debates concerning the role of Deuteronomy in the larger literary works incorporating material before and after the book of Deuteronomy. Contributors include Reinhard Kratz, Jeffrey Stackert, Sandra Richter, Christophe Nihan, Cynthia Edenburg, Juha Pakkala, and Konrad Schmid.

ISBN: 9783161510083


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