Demonata  6 Demon Apocalypse  P/B

Demonata 6 Demon Apocalypse P/B

By Darren Shan



Hell is revealed in the sixth nail-biting, hair-rending, creepy cool episode of the Demonata. Fire! It's all around me, fierce, intense, out of control. I feel the hair on my arms singe and know I have only seconds before I burst into flames. Total panic. There's a horrible shrieking sound, piercing and destructive. My eardrums and eyeballs should burst. "It's hell!" I moan. One boy's life ripped to shreds before his eyes. One wrathful demon master hellbent on revenge. An army of grisly Demonata on the rampage. It's the end of the world as we know it.

ISBN: 9780007231416


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