Death's Door

Death's Door

By T. Harrogate



Two dogs, Oreo and Trooper, are trained to find bodies in unusual places. They are part of a team that is unique. Watch as they unravel their very first case. They will be joined by their owner who will also go on a journey of his own. This very first book in the series will take you on a journey in their home county of Yorkshire. They might have to travel to find their clues. Why have these people been killed? There's also an international connection, but how are they involved? What is the motive? Its all to do with the keys and a trap door. Will Oreo and Trooper do their jobs well? There will be many twists and turns. Can you guess who the guilty person is before you get to the end? Who? What? Why? Is the key the link? Or is it just a red herring to lead the detectives the wrong way. Read to find out what journey the detective is going on.

ISBN: 9781398427846


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