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Corporate Finance For Lawyers

Corporate Finance For Lawyers

By R. J. de Weijs



Corporate Finance for Lawyers explores the intricate relationship between law and corporate finance. Utilising the 'Financial Mindmap' throughout, chapters depict financial concepts by using colours and visualisations in a clear and intuitive manner. The book provides an introduction into the basic building blocks of corporate finance including, Enterprise Value, Equity Value and Net Debt, and the dominant company valuation methods of EBITDA-multiples and Discounted Cash Flow. The book further explains finance patterns from both a finance and a legal perspective, most notably the use of non-interest bearing, secured credit, shareholder loans and guarantees, ending with reorganisation procedures. By providing a uniquely integrated analysis of law and corporate finance, this practical book will be a beneficial resource for lawyers, including judges, from all over the world involved in financial transactions and corporate litigation. Students of law and finance will find the book an excellent learning experience, since it discusses the foundational principles of law and finance and how they relate to real-world practices. Finance professionals will also benefit greatly from the depiction of finance in action rather than as assumed under perfect markets.

ISBN: 9781035302024


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