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Contemporary Issues of Human Rights Protection in Internatio

Contemporary Issues of Human Rights Protection in Internatio

By Stefan Lorenzmeier



The contributors of the volume analyse the effect of the ECHR and international human rights on the national and European legal order from different angles. Special emphasis is given on the Union's accession to the ECHR and the scrutiny of ECJ's opinion 2/13. The impact of the human rights provisions of the accession agreement with Ukraine is shown besides some more general issues of human rights protection in national jurisdictions, namely Germany, Poland, Slovenia and Turkey for providing a comparative overview of the various challenges countries with different backgrounds face in the implementation of human rights, including social human rights. All authors are academics working in the field of human rights protection and the aim is to provide the reader with a better understanding of the challenges of international human rights protection. The book is useful for academics and students in the field of international and European law and international politics.

ISBN: 9781509921751


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