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Compliance Rules For Barristers

Compliance Rules For Barristers

By Bertie Angammana



Compliance Rules for Barristers provides a clear and detailed account of the core duties of a barrister, mandatory rules, and additional rules for certain Direct Public Access Work. It sets out the steps that a sole practitioner must adopt to comply with the new transparency rules of the Bar Standard Board. This book is primarily meant for sole practising barristers in England and Wales, but the information could be of help to other lawyers, as well as to Law students. The book deals with: i. Prohibition on handling clients' money, regulatory returns and the information needed to be included in a regulatory return. ii. Consequences of failing to comply with compliance rules. iii. Guidance on dealing with necessary steps to comply with the current health crisis (the global pandemic), the new risks due to the pandemic as well as the new opportunities. iv. Money laundering regulations, governance arrangements and risk management. The book includes discussion of the relevant sections of the Data Protection Act 2018, and the Information Commissioner's Guidance which may be of interest to lawyers as well as to other professionals such as pharmacists, dentists, and doctors. It sets out guidance and deals with the necessary modifications to a barrister's practice considering the novel problems, and the new working order to serve the clients and to assist the courts. The book includes draft models of documents which could be adopted to be used in the legal practice. There are also references to the relevant decided cases and penalties pursuant to the Data Protection Act 2018.

ISBN: 9781398455030


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