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Clouds End and Beyond

Clouds End and Beyond

By Rajni Sekhri Sibal



Sensitive, thought-provoking and sometimes haunting, poems in this collection often have a misty, fragrant and dream-like quality. They present a charming journey through the years the author had spent in the pristine environs of the Himalayas amongst pine trees and clouds at Mussoorie; as well as the subsequent years negotiating the harsh concrete maze of New Delhi. The elegant words written in the hills evoke a sense of innocence and freshness that comes from living close to nature. The collection winds itself towards more hostile terrain depicting a world where the realm of emotions is of little consequence. Yet, there is an underlying hope, a sense of optimism and a feeling of positivity that binds the poetry.The verses transport you to a special moment in time and place evoking a range of emotions and strike an indelible chord.

ISBN: 9788183284868


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