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Climate Change Law

Climate Change Law

By Karl S. Coplan



This timely and incisive book combines an introduction to the core legal and policy issues presented by climate change with a deeper analysis of decisions that will define the path forward. Offering a guide to key terms, concepts, and legal principles in the field, this book will help readers develop a sophisticated perspective on issues central to climate change law and policy. Building a pathway to literacy in climate change policy, chapters provide an accessible overview of key energy regulations and laws governing energy projects, legal mechanisms to regulate GHG emissions, and the role of state and local governments in developing mitigation and adaptation policy, particularly in the building and transportation sectors. The authors highlight the relationship between human rights and climate change using the framework of human rights law, analyze the use of litigation to compel climate change mitigation and adaptation and suggest ways to achieve international cooperation. Providing a deep understanding of ongoing debates about the design and implementation of climate change law and policy, this book will be an essential resource for students and researchers of environmental and climate change law, governance, and regulation. It will also be useful for policymakers and practitioners in the field for its practical insights into future developments and solutions.

ISBN: 9781839101298


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