Call Us What We Carry H/B

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Call Us What We Carry H/B

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Author: Amanda Gorman

Type: Hardback

ISBN: 9781784744618

Date: 7th December, 2021

Publisher: CHATTO & WINDUS

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  2. Modern and Contemporary Poetry
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The breakout poetry collection by Sunday Times bestselling author and presidential inaugural poet Amanda Gorman 'This is poetry rippling with communal recognition and empathy' Guardian 'This is more than protest. It's a promise.' Including The Hill We Climb, the stirring poem read at the inauguration of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, this luminous poetry collection by Amanda Gorman captures a shipwrecked moment in time and transforms it into a lyric of hope and healing. In Call Us What We Carry, Gorman explores history, language, identity, and erasure through an imaginative and intimate collage. Harnessing the collective grief of a global pandemic, these seventy poems shine a light on a moment of reckoning and reveal that Gorman has become our messenger from the past, our voice for the future. 'I think we all need more poetry - specifically her poetry - in our lives' i *A PRIMA 'BOOKS TO GIVE WITH LOVE' PICK* Praise for 'The Hill We Climb': 'I was profoundly moved... The power of your words blew me away' Michelle Obama, TIME 'I was thrilled' Hillary Clinton 'She spoke truth to power and embodied clear-eyed hope to a weary nation. She revealed us to ourselves' Lin-Manuel Miranda, TIME

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