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Brussels I Bis

Brussels I Bis

By Marta Requejo Isidro



Offering a comprehensive commentary on the Brussels I bis Regulation, chapters outline the origins and evolution of each article before delving into their interpretation in view of the case law of the European Court of Justice. Throughout the Commentary expert contributors provide guidance on this central instrument in the organization of the European judicial cooperation in civil and commercial matters. This in-depth, article-by-article Commentary reflects the status quo of European procedural law in civil and commercial matters. Its exhaustive evaluation of the corresponding case law demonstrates key precedents which can be applied to practical problems in the field related to jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement of decisions. Written using a clear, accessible structure, this Commentary will be a key resource for lawyers, judges and other legal practitioners in finding solutions to the practical difficulties they meet when dealing with cross-border disputes. Its detailed critical analysis of the regulation will also be of benefit to scholars and students of European procedural law and dispute resolution and arbitration.

ISBN: 9781789908169


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