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Braveling Saves a Snow Leopard

Braveling Saves a Snow Leopard

By Jenny Wren



"Braveling Saves A Snow Leopard" is the second of five books in The Tingalings series. It is an inspiring picture book and rhyming story including vibrant, fun and engaging illustrations. It is colour printed to the highest quality on coated recycled paper. Five loveable creatures from Jupiter, an exciting climate adventure, snow leopard rescue, fun facts and simple climate solutions for little ones. The perfect way for parents to raise climate awareness in an appropriate way. All author profits are used to fund extra-curricular activities for children living in impoverished areas ( The Tingalings love mountain adventures. When whizzing down the mountain on their super cool snow rockets, Braveling crashes and splats into the dirt. The mountain snow has melted away. Immediately, the Tingalings think of the snow leopards who rely on snow to survive. They use their magic powers to invite their shy friends to live with them in their den. Bumbling wonders what caused the snow to melt and realises that, just like yummy hot chocolate, heat causes things to melt away. What more, some factories spew out bad fumes that can cause the air to heat up. So, the Tingalings ask Earthlings not to waste power made in these factories. Earthlings respond, the snowy mountains return and the snow leopards go home to live happily. Fun facts are provided on mountains and snow leopards, including a map of the world showing where our shy friends live. A must have for all inquisitive children!

ISBN: 9781838406004


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