Bloodlines - Harsh Fate

Bloodlines - Harsh Fate

By W. L. Burke



Bloodlines - Harsh Fate is a fantasy, set on the continent of Mataan, a land originally inhabited by humans, elves and dwarves, for the most part. A many-decade long war, with a race of people known as Krakons, from across the ocean, has defeated the original races and taken over the lands of Mataan. The human race has been assimilated into Krakon society as a slave class, a few scattered to wild lands in the northwest, now called the Outlaw Kingdom. But there has been a foretelling of a Ravenlock, the old rulers of the dark Wars era, that would rise up once more, unite the races, and renew the war with the Krakons. A Renewing of the first formal Joining, the true sign of this prophecy. This is the story of one of Raklor Ravenlock's scion, hundreds of years after the Dark Wars, found deep in the mountains of the Outlaw Kingdom - a short and somewhat concise telling of the events, occurrences, and happenings of his formative years. His journey to this fabled renewing.

ISBN: 9781647508203


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