Blackwoods Institute For Girls 1827

Blackwoods Institute For Girls 1827

By A. E. J. Bruin



Blackwood's Institute for Girls 1827 describes an institution where one hundred new-born girls were placed, as part of an eighteen year long experiment aiming to discover, and eventually alter, the female psyche. The committee that created the institution claimed that there was a necessity for such an experiment since in 1827, it was believed that the female brain was vulnerable and damaged. The people in charge suggested the only way to eradicate the damaged psyche, was to ensure that the women lived in complete isolation. The story tells of the lives of two girls, Alice and Sophia. It describes their relationship with each other, with the superintendents and with some of the other girls. Their lives are very oppressed and the girls cope with the oppression in different ways, defined by their personalities. A very interesting, captivating story which will have the reader turning pages and unable to put the book down.

ISBN: 9781788309745


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