Birth Of The State TPB

Birth Of The State TPB

By Mícheál Ó Fathartaigh



The Irish state came into being as a result of the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921. Signed by a Sinn Féin delegation and the British government at 10 Downing Street in the early hours of 6 December that year, the Treaty was the culmination of both a revolutionary movement that had begun in the previous decade and of centuries of separate nationalist attempts to gain autonomy from the United Kingdom. Although it is the founding document of the Irish state, the Treaty has been the subject of very little critical analysis, certainly in proportion to its significance. In its centenary year, this book examines the Treaty's legacy and its implications for the state that it created. It explores three key elements of the Treaty: the contemporary circumstances that produced it; its significance from a comparative and an international perspective; and its historical and political consequences.  Birth of a State is unique in that it is written by academics from two different disciplines - history and political science - who each bring their own perspectives on the Treaty and its impact, both then and now.

ISBN: 9781788551595


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