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Bird Boy

Bird Boy

By Zoë Clarke



One day, after a storm, Arlo rescues a tiny bird that looks like a hairy green sprout. At first, Arlo finds the bird a bit greedy and annoying. But when it recovers and flies back into the wild, he starts to miss the quirky creature! (Letter-sounds featured: long /oo/ ew /y+oo/ ew /ur/ ir er /ou/ ou /oi/ oy) Bird Boy is part of the Rocket Phonics teaching and learning programme from Reading Planet. Rocket Phonics ensures that every child achieves phonics success. This fully-decodable Target Practice reading book provides focused practice of a small group of letter-sounds. The book also includes useful notes and activities to support reading in school and at home as well as comprehension questions to check understanding. Reading age: 5-6/Year 1

ISBN: 9781398326118


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