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Beyond the Tape

Beyond the Tape

By Marie Cassidy



"The scalpel goes down. The gown is discarded. The chatter stops. Heads turn expectantly like fledglings in a nest waiting for a tasty treat. 'Well, Doc, what happened? Have we got a murder on our hands?' Meet Doctor Marie Cassidy. For more than thirty years bodies have been her business. The lucky ones have died peacefully in their own bed, surrounded by loved ones. But it's not always like that. In her internationally-bestselling first book, duck under the police tape with her. Walk carefully in her footprints and follow her into the scene. But don't touch anything, just look. Remember: every contact leaves a trace. Marie Cassidy was Ireland's state pathologist from 2004 until 2018. During that time, she was involved in the most high-profile cases in the country. In Beyond the Tape , she invites us into the world of forensic pathology and shares her remarkable personal journey, from working-class Glasgow to becoming Ireland's head pathologist. A fascinating, behind-the-scenes account of real-life forensics, the intricate processes central to solving modern crime and the stories from behind the crime tape.

ISBN: 9781841885308


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