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By Jeremy Mark Robinson



B E R S E R K KENTARO MIURA: THE MANGA AND THE ANIMÉ by Jeremy Mark Robinson This is a study of the epic fantasy comic Berserk by Kentaro Miura, one of the greatest works of art in print form of any era. Berserk is a best-selling fantasy adventure manga in Japan and overseas. It has been published (in Young Animal Magazine from Hakusensha) since 1989 and is still not complete. Berserk is notable for its truly outstanding artwork and its compelling storytelling, centred on its brooding swordsman, Guts. Berserk is an entire history of the action-adventure genre; it features every permutation of every scenario found in action-based stories. It has battles, duels and monsters a-plenty. Berserk is also a whole history of the graphic possibilities of art; it's one of the celebrated works in comics publishing for its remarkable art, and can stand alongside the finest achievements of telling stories in printed form (such as the 19th century prints of Gustave Doré). And Berserk is also a shojo manga, with teenage witches, mermaids, princesses, kings, magic and fairies (including the comical fairy sidekick, Puck). In fact, in the chapters of Berserk published since around 2017, Guts and the gang have been holed up on Elf Island, a realm of fairies, elves, witches and wizards (it's Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings combined with Japanese cherry blossom). And there's a striking lack of mass decapitations, severed limbs, disembowelled horses, gushing blood, slathering monsters and insane demi-gods. Berserk also contains one of the most astonishing set-pieces of sustained action and horror in comics, the Eclipse Ritual. It's the highpoint of the manga. The imagination and artistry on display here is truly awesome. For some Berserk is too extreme - Kentaro Miura certainly goes all out! This book also examines the animated adaptations of Kentaro Miura's Berserk saga, starting with the animé series of 1997-1998, through the movies of 2012-2013, up to the latest TV series of 2016-2017. In addition, there is a chapter on Miura's early manga (such as Japan and King of Wolves); and a biography of Miura, and appendices looking at some of Miura's influences. Fully illustrated with over 250 illustrations, including images from Kentaro Miura's other manga, from the animé productions, and from all of the Berserk comic. Hardcover - full colour laminate cover. Bibliography, filmography, resources and notes. 540 pages.

ISBN: 9781861718211


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