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Below Zero P/B

Below Zero P/B

By Smith Dan



Expect non-stop action and heart-pounding uncertainty in this icey adventure from Dan Smith! "It's a genuine page-turner that is a must-read for those who love fast-paced, scary stories." THE SCHOOL LIBRARIAN Twelve-year-old Zak, who has an inoperable brain tumour, is with his sister and parents when their private plane is disastrously diverted. Wrecked on a remote research outpost in the Antarctic, they find themselves in an abandoned base. Then Zak's parents disappear, and the base's equipment starts 3D-printing nightmarish spider-like creatures. Zak's bizarre visions appear to suggest a link to something else - beneath the ice - which only he can understand ... A fresh and exciting no-holds-barred thriller by award-winning author Dan Smith. Centres on a trapped creature beneath the icy wasteland of Antarctica - a discovery unravelled only through non-stop action, sheer danger and heart-pounding uncertainty. Environmental and scientific themes underlie a plot which focuses on a protagonist with a life-threatening illness.

ISBN: 9781910655924


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