Belonging P/B

Belonging P/B

By Catherine Corless



When Catherine Corless began researching the Tuam Mother and Baby Home in Galway in 2010, she could not have known where her interest in local history would lead her. Uncovering no less than 796 missing burial records of children born there, the stark truth of their place of rest became clear: a disused sewage tank on the old home site, where two boys had once stumbled upon bones. Determined to know more, Catherine's painstaking research led to an ongoing quest for justice as, often against fierce resistance, she brought to light a terrible truth that shocked the world, impacted the Vatican, and led to a Commission of Investigation in Ireland. Part memoir - of identity, childhood and Catherine's search for her own mother's lost story - and part detective story, Belonging is an unforgettable and deeply moving account of one woman's forensic crusade on behalf of the lost babies of Tuam.

ISBN: 9781529339789


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