Before the Fog

Before the Fog

By Mary Finnerty-Morris



Before the Fog is a story of a family and the changes that have come about in their daily lives in dealing with Alzheimer's disease. Francis, a former member of the army, and his wife, Lizzie, having met and married in harder times, reared two children: Mark, their eldest, and Elizabeth, the apple of her father's eye. A very difficult child, Elizabeth demanded a lot of attention from her father while Mark, the quiet, gentle type, was bullied in school due to walking with a slight limp. Born with a club foot, Mark had been through much physio as a child and wore braces on his leg. Francis, diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, was to become increasingly dependent on Lizzie. Together they'd shared a life of joy and hardship but especially love. Theirs was a love that would withstand all obstacles and would hold strong, even through the living death that was Alzheimer's.

ISBN: 9781528913416


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