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By Ilan Kelman



Antarcticness joins disciplines, communication approaches and ideas to explore meanings and depictions of Antarctica. Personal and professional words in poetry and prose, plus images, present and represent Antarctica, as presumed and as imagined, alongside what is experienced around the continent and by those watching from afar. These understandings explain how the Antarctic is viewed and managed while identifying aspects which should be more prominent in policy and practice. The authors and artists place Antarctica, and the perceptions and knowledge through Antarcticness, within inspirations and imaginations, without losing sight of the multiple interests pushing the continent's governance as it goes through rapid political and environmental changes. Given the diversity and disparity of the influences and changes, the book's contributions connect to provide a more coherent and encompassing perspective of how society views Antarctica, scientifically and artistically, and what the continent provides and could provide politically, culturally and environmentally. Offering original research, art and interpretations of different experiences and explorations of Antarctica, explanations meld with narratives while academic analyses overlap with first-hand experiences of what Antarctica does and does not - could and could not - bring to the world. Praise for Antarcticness 'The book provides a pleasant reading experience and some interesting perspectives on Antarctica.' Polar Geography 'This book will be extremely useful. ... Given its accessibility and its multiple perspectives on Antarctica, I recommend exploring it to find the chapters that work for you - I already plan to use some of them as a teaching resource in an interdisciplinary undergraduate course aboutAntarctica.' The Polar Journal 'Orientated around the construct of Antarcticness, Ilan Kelman brings together a range of exciting scholars and artists to consider the contemporary Antarctic. In its diversity, originality and beauty it is a triumph. If you want to know why to care about the future of Antarctica, read it.' - Alan D. Hemmings, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

ISBN: 9781800081451


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