Analysis of Genuine Karate

Analysis of Genuine Karate

By Hermann Bayer



This book fills a missing need for a solid socio-cultural breakdown referring to Okinawan karate. This is currently not found in the Western karate world. The author applies the laws of physics to modern karate, revealing the changes and negative consequences of karate alterations. This kind of analysis is only found in sports education and sports physics to explain impacts, measurements, and how to choose the best techniques. New and unmatched models to examines the difference between 'low' versus 'deep' position/stances. Numerous practical examples illustrate the core arguments (including documenting photographs). Offers a clear basis for karate practitioners who are interested in understanding the socio-cultural aspects of the argument to preserve original Okinawan karate as is.An industrial strength analysis of Okinawan karate and the changes made upon it, by other nations.

ISBN: 9781594399336


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