An Angler's Journal: A Lifetime's Fishing Told in 52 Tales

An Angler's Journal: A Lifetime's Fishing Told in 52 Tales

By John Tomsett



How many of your fishing trips can you recall in any real detail? How often do you wish you had kept a note of what you caught, when you caught it and exactly how much that huge carp weighed on the scales? In his Angler's Journal, John Tomsett offers you the opportunity to keep a record of your angling adventures whilst being entertained by 52 tales from his fishing life. From watching his dad hook a reluctant chub, to catching a trout with his own son - via a near death experience trawling for tuna on the Indian Ocean - Tomsett explores the thrills and disappointments of a lifetime spent fishing. Tomsett's writing captures the camaraderie of fishing with friends and the tranquillity of angling alone. His tales brim with philosophical reflections and describe precisely what it feels like when you're battling a decent fish intent on throwing the hook. This is an absorbing, beautifully illustrated book, which will ensure you can always remember what it felt like on that day, long ago, when you struck into a fish bigger than you could ever have imagined.

ISBN: 9781913622329


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