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Additive Manufacturing of Polymers For Tissue Engineering

Additive Manufacturing of Polymers For Tissue Engineering

By Atul Babbar



Application of additive manufacturing and tissue engineering in the fields of science and technology enables the manufacturing of biocompatible, customized, reliable, and cost-effective parts, restoring the functionality of a failed human body part. This book offers a platform for recent breakthroughs in additive manufacturing related to biomedical applications. This book highlights some of the top innovations and advances in additive manufacturing and processing technologies that are the future of the manufacturing industry while also presenting current challenges and opportunities regarding the choice of material. This book includes areas of applications such as surgical guides, tissue regeneration, artificial scaffolds, implants, and drug delivery and release. Throughout the book, an emphasis is placed on rapid tooling for engineering applications. Additive Manufacturing of Polymers for Tissue Engineering: Fundamentals, Applications, and Future Advancements acts as a first-hand source of information for academic scholars and commercial manufacturers as they make strategic manufacturing and development plans.

ISBN: 9781032210421


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