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Accountability, Impeachment, and the Constitution

Accountability, Impeachment, and the Constitution

By Christopher Monaghan



This book sets out and explores the case for a modernised impeachment process for the United Kingdom. The work examines the present law and history of impeachment in the United Kingdom, which today is widely regarded as having fallen into desuetude and its procedures inappropriate for modern conditions. It discusses how impeachment operates in two countries, the United States and Denmark, selected respectively for their marked differences from and similarities to the United Kingdom's political and constitutional system, for the purposes of illumination and possible lessons for a new impeachment process. The book seeks to provide a balanced and independent examination of the case for this, concluding that it would have a valuable role to play in the future development of the United Kingdom's system of politics and government. It concludes by setting out a detailed model for the structure, working and effect of impeachment. The book will be of interest to students, academics and policy-makers working in the areas of constitutional law and politics.

ISBN: 9781032215815


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