A Song in My Heart

A Song in My Heart

By Alrene Hughes



Belfast, 1942. Irene is finding work in the aircraft factory more difficult as her pregnancy advances and she fears she will lose her job. Peggy falls under the spell of a dashing major in the British Army. The fact that he is much older than her and a sophisticated man of the world means they must keep their relationship secret. Pat and US Army captain Tony Farrelly are deeply in love, but when he is posted to North Africa, Pat fears her heart will break. Sheila feels she is wasting her life working in an office and longs for some excitement. A chance meeting with a recruiting sergeant for the WAAF takes her away from home and into danger and romance. In this last book of the Martha's Girls trilogy, the girls move beyond the influence of their mother into complicated relationships and dangerous situations. But can their upbringing keep them together when they face losing what they cherish most?

ISBN: 9780856409738


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