A Knight and His Squire

A Knight and His Squire

By Espen B.



Sir Fuskus Brown, or more commonly known as just Brown, is freakishly tall and wide with a wild hairstyle. He is a hedge knight with no lord to latch himself to, roaming the countryside while finding work where possible. Coming across the small town of Erdenn, a border town, that on this occasion was not only filled with fog and mist but also a scene of human and animal flesh and entrails splattered across what had been the centre of the village. On a mission of finding a child in this town and taking them back to their parents, unbeknownst to Brown he is left with the child, Fred, in his care. However, amongst mumblings across a number of villages of child abductions many years later, both Brown and Fred must attempt to find those at the cause of this crime.

ISBN: 9781800746886


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