A Blind Kinda Love

A Blind Kinda Love

By Tumi



Imagine if we were both blind and we fell in love based on a conversation. I would not know what you look like and I would have no choice but to fall in love with the things you say, your journey and your story. We all have a story to tell, And I want ours to be the most inspiring. I imagine two people who both want the same thing, and never having met each other, they aspire to share their dreams and life's plans together. I believe there are still amazing and incredible people out there who have been hurt so many times that they may have locked love in a vault using heavy chains. They may still believe that the only key to unlock the vault will be given to that special someone. So grant me this opportunity for us to speak before you make all observations based on my physical appearance. Hear my story and judge me by my conversations first and let's give love a different name based on the things we hear and not what we see.

ISBN: 9781638290230


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