Binding: Paperback
Pub Date: 08/05/2018
Publisher: Tramp Press
ISBN: 9781999700836
Availability: In Stock
Quick overview A Dubray Staff Recommended Read... 'As horrible, and as fully human, as men in literature have always been allowed to be' - the New York Times
Product description

Maya's got problems...her husband drinks, her lover is withdrawn, and she's struggling to keep her habit a secret. A stunning debut, fizzing with verve, wit, and scalpel-sharp writing that cuts to the bone, Maya's tale is filthy, buzzing with feverish energy and deadpan humour. We watch her try to score, keep her job and maybe even find an epiphany of sorts. Raw, vital, and brilliant – this will chuck a grenade in the midst of your next book club!

Recommended by Karina Clifford, Dubray Stillorgan

'Funny, observant, self-destructive Maya has problems.
A sweet, handsome, heavy-drinking husband she's not sure she loves. Her detached, selfish lover. Her overdue thesis and dead-end job. Her dying mother. Herself, most of all, and her escalating drug habit.
What's left when those are peeled away?
Balancing vivid intensity with numb disdain, Problems makes a story of addiction and redemption fresh, necessary and desperately funny.
Explicit and raw, Problems is an astonishing debut novel.

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