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The Write Prescription

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The You Code: What Your Habits Say About You

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Did you know that the way you eat your food will be sending subliminal messages out about your sexual habits? We're all aware of the subtle messages of design and marketing but what about the signals you send out about yourself and your personality? This book answers these questions, revealing the hidden meaning behind the simplest of choices.

There Were No Windows

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Thin Slices of Anxiety

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Catherine Lepage's quirky, clever imagery captures both her personal journey and universal truths about the daily habits and frustrations of anxiety.

Think Happy, be Happy: Words & Art to Inspire by Over 30 Contributing Artists

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Everyone needs a little inspiration and encouragement, but it doesn't need to be cliche or sickly sweet. This title features quotes ranging from the contemplative 'find beauty in rain' to the uplifting 'live every day like it's your birthday' the sincere 'be kind, for everyone is facing a hard battle' to the joyful 'let your hair down'.

Think Like a Monk

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Introducing the new forthoming book by Jay Shetty! Award Winning Host & former Monk. Pre-order your copy now. Publishing in April 2020.
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Think Positive, Stay Positive

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There's magic in having the right attitude. No matter what life throws at us, the power of positive thinking can make all the difference. This little book, packed full of quotes and affirmations, is perfect for focusing your mind while lifting your spirits.