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Kids Trivia Plus

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Quick thinkers and general knowledge buffs aged seven and up will love guessing, explaining and answering an array of trivia questions in this fun and quick-thinking board game. Kids Trivia Plus features puzzles, riddles and today's trivia to keep kids on their toes and occupied for hours.


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4 Pots of Play-Doh Classic Colours Suitable for ages 3+

Marble Run - 50-Piece

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A fascinating toy for young children which requires dexterity and imagination. Bright, durable and appealing, this marble run is 50 pieces with additional glass marbles provided.

Play-Doh Sparkle

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Your Play-Doh creations will be bright and sparkly with the Sparkle Compound collection.

Charlie & the Chocolate Factory Marvellous Maths Game

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For all Oompa Loompas out there Charlie’s Marvellous Maths Game is perfect for encouraging a love of numbers and mathematics.

Oi Frog Memory Game

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Kneading and playing at the same time! With this spinntastic kneading set, Spidey fans play the legendary bench screw by Dr. Octopus.

4oz Single can Play-doh (varying colours)

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Pop open a can of creativity! With a handful of squishy, colorful Play-Doh compound, you'll never guess what kids might create next.

Play-Doh Basic Fun Factory

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SILLY PLAY-DOH SQUEEZE MACHINE – The basic Play-Doh Fun Factory toy is a classic and fun open-ended creative activity!


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With this Play-Doh Confetti 6-pack, every creation is a celebration! Each can contains a different classic Play-Doh colour sprinkled with lots and lots of colourful confetti. Its a parade of open-ended creativity, and to jumpstart imaginations, this set also features 2 cutters!


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Share the fun and share the creativity with this Party Bag full of 15 cans of Play-Doh.

Matilda Splendid Spelling Card Games

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For all little bookworms out there matilda’s splendid spelling game is perfect for encouraging a love of letters and word creation.


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Its Pizza Party madness at your very own Play-Doh pizzeria!


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Have lots of fun with this dice game This game takes 10-20 minutes to play Requires 2-4 players.

Shooting Stars

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This “5-star” game is full of magic! Can you stack the blocks to recreate the image shown in the challenge?

Charades for Kids

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Game of Charades designed especially for kids

Playdoh Buzz N Cut

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Stop by the Buzz 'n Cut barber shop for a silly haircut and a shave! There are so many different hairstyles to make again and again! What will your silly stylist create?

PLG7065 Dinosaur Roar Dominoes Tin

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A colourful Domino Set starring six dinosaur characters from The World of Dinosaur Roar

H06/29741 Frost & Fun Cakes Playdoh

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All the right tools to become a Play-Doh cake chef Create pretend cakes with the cake moulds and cutters Build crazy tiered cakes with the cake stand and tier Decorate with fluffy Play-Doh Plus frosting and 3 frosting tips Top with silly fruits, pretend candies.

Marble Run - 30-Piece

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Snap-together tubes and chutes are easy to handle and help improve dexterity. A great kit for the budding builder, this marble run provides endless hours of fascinating fun.