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An uplifting and mind-shifting new book on the surprising power of being "too bittersweet", by the author of the megaselling phenomenon QUIET.
€16.99 €20.95

Surrounded by Narcissists: Or, How to Stop Other People's Egos Ruining Your Life

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Are you overshadowed by the narcissists in your life? Are you worn out by their constant demands for attention, their absolute belief they are right (even when clearly they are not), their determination to do what they want (regardless of impact), and their baffling need to control everyone and everything around them?
€12.99 €13.95

Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life

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€13.99 €15.35

That Little Voice In Your Head: Adjust the Code That Runs Your Brain

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Achieve happiness through compassion and generosity towards yourself, and towards others.
€16.99 €20.95

Benedictus: A Book of Blessings

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We have fallen out of belonging. Consequently, when we stand before crucial thresholds in our lives, we have no rituals to protect, encourage and guide us as we cross over into the unknown. This book is an attempt to reach into that tenuous territory of change that we must cross.

Humankind: A Hopeful History

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It is time for a new view of human nature.

Abundance: The Inner Path To Wealth

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Discover the keys to a life of success, fulfilment, wholeness and plenty We live in a time of fear and insecurity, wrapped up in a mindset of lack, scarcity and limitation.
€15.99 €23.75

Glucose Revolution: The life-changing power of balancing your blood sugar

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This book will explain why glucose is the key to almost every aspect of our health, from our weight to our mood, and how to keep our glucose levels steady in order to feel amazing.

The 17 Irish Martyrs

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Calm: A Day and Night Reflection Journal

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