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The How of Happiness: A Practical Guide to Getting The Life You Want

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THE HOW OF HAPPINESS is about how to find lasting happiness. Based on scientific research and trials, this book charts new territory in popular psychology.

Living Buddha, Living Christ

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Buddha and Christ each left a legacy of teachings and practices that have shaped the lives of billions of people. If they were to meet today, what would each think of the other's spiritual views and practices? This book explores how the two traditions meet and awakens an understanding of both.


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The new book from the Number One bestselling author of Owning It and The Confidence Kit
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Keto- Green 16

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How to lose weight fast, maintain that weightloss, balance your hormones, and feel great, the Keto Green way!

Essential Oils for Beginners

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A beginner-friendly guide to essential oils that is designed for easy reference; features the basics of oil use, recipes, how to apply oils for specific needs, and more

Montessori Lab: Children's Emotions

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Emotions, for children, are a very important and essential way of communication - from day one, years before they can even speak: for the parents, it is crucial to understand the deeper meaning beyond a cry or laughter. Cope with those emotions is a task that can be accomplished together.

Hindu Gods and Goddesses

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Always With Me

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Always With Me shows readers that even after the intense pain of the death of a loved one, they can be happy again.

How To Carry What Can't Be Fixed

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Shine Brighter Every Day: Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Spirit, Balance Your Life

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Shine Brighter Every Day is a way of thinking, a mindset. It is not a diet. Danah Mor has created an easy-to-follow, no-nonsense guide that combines scientific and holistic advice to allow you to become your own food doctor, creating an achievable, sustainable plan that is completely personal to you.