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Quit Like a Woman

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Radical Acts of Love

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A profoundly moving account of an oncology nurse's conversations with the dying

Radical Candor: How to Get What You Want by Saying What You Mean

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Be a great leader, but don't be a jerk. This book tells you how

Radical Metabolism

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Radical Metabolism has everything you need to say supercharge your metabolism and transform your body into a fat-burning dynamo - in just 21 days.

Radical Self-Love: A Guide to Loving Yourself and Living Your Dreams

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Have you ever dreamed of a life full of laughter, love and sequins - but felt totally clueless about how to make it happen? In this book, the author recounts how she turned her life around from self-destruction to self-love, and shows how you can do the same.

Raising Boys Who Respect Girls: Upending Locker Room Mentality, Blind Spots, and Unintended Sexism

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Dave Willis, author, speaker, and father of four boys, talks biblically and practically about how to raise a generation of boys who are champions, encouragers, and respecters of women.

Raising Resilient Children

Provides proven advice for raising strong kids. This work explains why some kids are able to overcome overwhelming obstacles while others become victims of early experiences and environments.


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'A meticulous guide not only to the vagina but to changing perceptions of womanhood' OBSERVER 'An empowering and enlightening book' IRISH TIMES

Raphael's World

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Based on contemporary documentation, Raphael's World explores the complex era in which the artist flourished and introduces the reader to the fascinating panoply of patrons. The 500th anniversary of the death of Raphael occurs on 6 April 2020. There will be a number of events to celebrate at the Vatican and other galleries around the world.


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