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In Minutes: Simple and delicious recipes to make in 10, 20 or 30 minutes

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Simple and delicious recipes that can be made in 10, 20 or 30 minutes.
€22.99 €27.95

Dublin: In Sketches and Stories

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Dublin: Sketches and Stories is a joyous snapshot of the beating heart of the Fair City.

Gangsta Granny Strikes Again!

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Gangsta Granny Strikes Again! is an extraordinarily brilliant companion to David’s much-loved and bestselling book Gangsta Granny, which debuted at number one on publication and went on to become the biggest-selling children’s book of the decade. Critically acclaimed, and a favourite of Walliams readers across the globe, Gangsta Granny has since inspired a BBC film, a play and even a theme-park ride.
€12.99 €17.55

April in Spain

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Don't disturb the dead. On the idyllic coast of San Sebastian, Spain, Dublin pathologist Quirke is struggling to relax - despite the beaches, the cafes and the company of his disarmingly lovely wife.
€14.99 €18.90

Decor Galore

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Book two from the Gaff Goddess, Laura de Barra.

Love in a Time of War: My Years with Robert Fisk

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A love affair against a background of war, revolution and invasion: two passionate, committed foreign correspondents find each other as the Middle East falls apart.
€21.99 €27.05

Everyday Cook

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With 15/30 minute meals, one pot wonders, meals to prep ahead and easy dinner favourites these recipes will help you to manage life and all its twists and turns, while still managing to pull together meals that are nourishing, vibrant and delicious.
€27.99 €34.95