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Ruth & Pen

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Dubray Staff Recommended Read... Ruth and Pen are each on their own personal journey through their outwardly normal everyday existence. While the two characters seem very different, they both long for the same thing: to be completely and utterly comfortable in their own skin. In her eloquent and engaging storytelling, Emilie Pine expertly weaves elements of poignant beauty into ordinary life. This moving debut novel from the Irish author is an absolute must read, especially for fans of her bestseller Notes to Self. Recommended by Olivia Nugent, Dubray Bray
€13.99 €18.15

The Swimmer

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A QUICK READ novel from the acclaimed author and broadcaster as part of Quick Reads 2022 and World Book Night.


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Dubray Staff Recommended Read... Cushla is a 24-year-old Catholic school teacher and part time bartender in her family’s Belfast pub. While Trespasses is her story, it also captures a time and place and the claustrophobia of ordinary people caught in the crossfire. The sense of doom comes from the Troubles but also from Cushla’s affair with married Protestant, Michael. I have not been this emotionally wrapped up in a book in a very long time. This evocative, moving, and tender novel blew me away. Recommended by Natalie Winterlich, Dubray Support Office
€16.99 €19.55

The Belladonna Maze

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From bestselling crime novelist and renowned Irish TV journalist Sinéad Crowley, gripping dualtimelines entwine in this heart-stopping story of old secrets and forbidden passion.
€14.99 €18.90


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The inside story of Ireland’s pandemic: every decision, every player, every text, every leak

None of This Is Serious

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An addictive and compelling modern debut set in Dublin, about female friendship and our obsession with being online - from an exciting new voice in Irish fiction
€14.99 €17.55

The Deadwood Encore

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The Deadwood Encore is a vivid portrait of a close-knit family, and a small-town Irish community bound together by tradition and superstition. But above all it is a story about belief – in the unknowable, the intangible, and in the self
€18.99 €20.95

NORA: A Love Story of Nora Barnacle and James Joyce

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When Nora Barnacle, a twenty-year-old from Galway working as a maid at Finn's Hotel, meets young James Joyce on a summer's day in Dublin, she is instantly attracted to him, natural and daring in his company. But she cannot yet imagine the extraordinary life they will share together. All Nora knows is she likes her Jim enough to leave behind family and home, in search of a bigger, more exciting life.

Seven Steeples

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Taking place in a remote house in the south-west of Ireland, this rich and vivid novel spans seven years and speaks to the times we live in, asking how we may withdraw, how better to live in the natural world, and how the choices made or avoided lead us home.

Small Things Like These

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An exquisite winter tale of courage - and its cost, set in Catholic Ireland.
€11.99 €14.00